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Sound Designer

Music Composer / Producer

Stir is a personalized wake-up service and interactive performance offering morning wake-up calls delivered by a human voice. A psychometric reading of one’s publicly available Facebook data allows for customization based on needs, proclivities, and vulnerabilities. Users can participate either as a Sleeper, who receives a message, or a Rouser, who joins a global, networked call center. Stir is inspired by “always on” cultural values that make sleep a casualty of global capitalism. It also contends with the invasive and invisible operations on personal data by appropriating the same psychometric analysis tools used by Cambridge Analytica to sway voters in the 2016 election.

This project was made in collaboration with Rebecca Lieberman and was supported by the National Film Board of Canada and Arte and premiered at IDFA DocLab 2017 and launched publicly in February 2018.

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Stir | an introduction

Stir | an introduction

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