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Sundance Film Festival

'Light is Love'



Music Producer

Sound Designer

Sundance Institute approached TakePart, the digital arm of Participant Media, to produce a short video that would showcase the powerful work of the organization during their Sundance 2011 Film Festival. To communicate the big, audacious goals of Sundance Institute, director Mariana Blanco and producers Carolyn Sams and Wendy Cohen commissioned a giant light box to use in the trailer.


The 8 1/2 x 13 ft. programmable video wall contained 1,600 red, green and blue LED lights, and featured some of Sundance's favorite films from the last 30 years. The music was composed in close collaboration with sound design, featuring a book closing, fireworks, a rollercoaster, kids, crickets, and the strike of a match.


In the end, the 50-second video, voiced by Robert Redford, is an impressionist's view into the power of a story. The 'Love is Light' Sundance Institute trailer played at the beginning of each film screening during the Sundance Film Festival.

The Sundance Institute Trailer

The Sundance Institute Trailer

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